Channel Partners Arena.

Hello and Welcome to our Channel Partners Login Page. The most important thing that a Channel Partner looks for with a developer is transparency.

When you deal with a developer, and send out your assured lead, one constant thing that nags your mind is about the payment process. So here, we have built something for you to assure you about our transparent deal. Follow the process and live hassle free regarding your payments.

This is how your payments will be reflected in your account. Here is a sample screenshot of the same.

Become Channel Partner Now !


  • Channel Partner logs in and updates us about the lead

  • Channel Partner brings the lead for site visit and convinces the lead to book with us.

  • The lead makes a payment as a taken amount.

  • The lead must complete following actions for Channel Partner to claim his commission

    • The lead must pay 20% of its agreement value.
    • Loan must be sanctioned.
    • ¬†Agreement must be registered
  • When all three conditions are completed, payment will be released to his bank account. The Channel partner can keep a track of his records via our login and be assured of his leads progress.


  • TDS amount will be deducted from commission as per Government Guidelines from time to time

  • In the unlikely event of cancellation, Channel Partner will not receive commission, if all three conditions of point no.4 has not been met.