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    You are not just a home buyer for us. You are family and we do everything possible to make you feel at home.


    With a Humble attitude, hands joined, we welcome you to try us once. You will not be disappointed. Visit us.


    By God’s grace, we have never missed on our on time possession record. Yes we are proud of it and we flaunt it.


    Ask any local person about our project and he will review about our Quality. We believe only in Quality Construction.

    Current Projects

    Studio High 5 is the highest rated project in Neral that consists of 445 flats in total 3 phases spread over 3 acres  at prime location of Neral. The Project is located on Neral Kalamb Road and is at a 10 mins walkable distance from Neral Station. The Project focuses majorly on 1BHK flats with a wide range of area sizes to fit different budgets of the home buyer. Here you may find a flat well within the range of 20 Lacs with all essential amenities on the go.

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    Sonu Avenue is a luxurious tower that defines elegance. The flats here are semi furnished and ranges between 20 Lacs to 26 Lacs. It is standalone tower with all essential amenities. The tower is ideally located at a 15 mins walkable distance from the Neral Station. Here you will find a peaceful living surrounded by lush green mountains of Matheran to watch. If one is looking for spacious flats, Sonu Avenue is the place to go.

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    Our Happy Family

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    It’s been a month staying at our New Residence at Studio High 5 Phase 2 in Neral. To be honest, The environment is very clean and We are enjoying the stay with a fresh breeze and the view is amazing. We can proudly say Studio High 5 is one of the Best Projects in Neral with all required basic facilities.

    Shri Balamurugan Mani

    As on Google Reviews

    This is one of best project in neral.. Spacious parking facility, Good Location.

    Shri Anilkumar Nair

    As on Google Reviews

    It’s a great place to be here, and the environment is mesmerizing, when it comes to giving peace!

    Shri Atul Prajapati

    As on Google Reviews

    BEST project in NERAL… Superior construction quality.

    Shri Rahul Kadam

    As on Google Reviews

    Very good construction, Large parking area, Quiet and Cool atmosphere.

    Shri Arvind Gaikwad

    As on Google Reviews

    Neat and Clean my new flat is here.

    Shri Harshvardhan Dubey

    As on Google Reviews


    Shri Raja Gavali

    As on Google Reviews

    Nice Place.

    UK Films

    As on Google Reviews

    Loved it!

    Shri Ajay Mishra

    As on Google Reviews

    A good quality construction projects.

    Shri Pramod Chandwadkar

    As on Google Reviews

    If you are looking for immediate distance and others, it is a good place to look at.

    Shri Raja Kishore Patnaik

    As on Google Reviews

    Yes! Definitely good staff and best project i have seen in Neral.

    Shri Arvind B Gaikwad

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    “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.”

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    Kahlil Gibran, Renowned Lebanese Writer

    Press Release


    15 / 09 / 2021

    We are now in the process to form society for Studio High 5 Phase II Feliz D Wing. We shall call upon to take the peaceful handover of society.


    01 / 04 / 2021

    Right on Time! We are pleased to announce that we have received OC for D Wing Building Feliz on 01.04.2021. 12 flats remaining. Hurry up!


    05 / 02 / 2021

    Studio high 5 is very happy today as we have sold out C Wing building Palacio. We thank you and our staff for your continuous support.